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BulbGuy Lighting handles the big name brands you’re familiar with, but we also offer lesser-known brands that offer the same high quality, performance and reliability at a much lower cost. Because we’re not tied to any brand, we use our years of experience and broad product knowledge to select the best options for you and your budget, regardless of who makes it. We don’t work for manufacturers; we work for our customers.

As a wholesale lighting distributor, BulbGuy Lighting not only supplies light bulbs, but also ballasts, lenses, fixtures, LED solutions, exterior lighting and much more. We’re easy to work with and offer pricing that rivals buying direct. Best of all, we don’t work for any brand or manufacturer; we work for our customers.

We also offer expert project advice with the ability to handle your needs for repairs, retrofits, electrical services and turn-key projects. From bulbs to boom trucks, we can provide a solution that fits your budget. Just choose the level of service you need.


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